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coffee + milk liveshow collection
it is time to give you a new underground- and deep-house mixshow. we've recorded just the best matching trax, tested on our weekly friday liveshow. containing the most deep but funky tunes from richard earnshaw, mo'cream, miguel migs, kevin yost and many more... so turn on your subwoofer and let the hut shake, your neighbors also need truehouse music !
summer picks
"summer picks"
during this season we played tons of new trax on our friday live radio show. the ones who worked best and had the most feedback ended in our "summer picks" basket. so here you have the hottest tunes in vocal- funky- disco- and jazzy-house music from the summer of 22. of course we followed our "no fillers" rule and added our latest very own bootleg to it.
deep coffee + milk - ice coffee collection
during the hotter days of the season, you need something cool, that's why we serve you our deep coffee + milk mixshow icecold this time. the finest deep- and underground house tunes will bring you down and freeze your body, these trax are so darn cool. the latest releases from DamSwindle, Crackazat, MoCream, CoquiSelection and many more will kick your icecold booty...
foonky summer
we collected the best tunes from the past weeks and made a best-of collection with funky- vocal- and disco-house trax for you. so all you need for this summer is this mixshow in your player to get foonky. starting with a classic tune from michael procter and containing the latest singles from miguel migs, dave lee, block&crown to name a few of this almost 2 hours mixshow. put your feet in the pool, get a drink and enjoy !!
deep coffee + milk - spring collection
it's time for a new fresh and deep coffee + milk mixshow. deephouse music for the coming warmer days and of course we picked only the most interesting tunes for you. no hectic or frantic bangers, we recorded the groovy and relaxed new releases - truehouse quality.
director's cut - spring22 edition
normally a director's cut is a bit longer than the original, this mixshow is ridiculously long, but it has to be. there are too many good tunes lately and we just picked the minimum of the last few weeks new releases to create an all-in-one-mix for the coming spring-time. so this is all you need to have in your player containing only the best in vocal- funky- and disco-house, carefully picked by the director for ya.
deep but funky
deephouse music is not for dancing, just hanging on the bar and tap your toe ? nope... this mixshow is deep, but funky and you can move your booty as well. sexy-ass-house music für those who know ! nu tunes from Migs, Yost, TURF and remixes by Atjazz, Jimpster to name a few... make sure you have that in your player while drivin thru your landscape.
heart it (rollerskates)
the snow has gone, the sun comes out. time to shave your legs and put your rollerskates on. get outside and boogie woogie with this latest disco- und funky-house mixshow... just take this one in your walkman ;)
coffee + milk foamy collection
you want deephouse ? you need the grooves of the housemusic-underground ? but you don't want boring tech-house ? then you are right here, get the foamy coffee + milk mixshow. it has everything you need. it's deep but whipped until everything sounds fluffy and foamy, we are sure you want some more ...
disco diamonds
we've collected the best in disco- and vocal-house from the past few weeks and made a two hour mixshow for you. as usual, no fillers, just killers... all you need for your new-year-party or whatever you plan for 2022... let's boogie !!
coffe and milk - winter collection
in every collection we try to give you the most important but also the best quality tunes we find on the market. this one is loaded with a lot of energy like a proper double espresso coffee. deep and groovy - truehouse style
loungin 3
if you like to relax and need some fluffy grooves, this is the best thing you can listen on your couch. get comfy in your armchair and listen to our latest loungin 3 mixshow, no stress, no worries, it's not even house-music ;)
un'altra selezione profonda
another deep selection is what you get here. trax and tunes directly from the underground, finest deep-house sound with that special truehouse touch. get your subwoofers ready and play it loud, the frequencies goin downstairs..
more diamonds
classic house, funky house, vocal house mixed together with true house = diamond house. 2 hours just brilliant tunes including our unique trademark t.o.c. this mixshow will last forever in your playlist !!
for a hot and wet summer, you need hot'n'wet house-music. we digged deep in our crates and found the best hidden gems for you. true deep house music, not traxsource or beatport chart hits...
step on the green and take this soundtrack with you - funky housemusic - summer 2021 style... means always a little wet but steamy hot in the end... and yes, the first track of the show is a c&m special , get "Night Rain" right here
it's time to relax and go outside, maybe to the beach or your terrace or wherever you want to be in your surroundings. this is the soundtrack for your outdoor experience, fluffy grooves with a lot of sunshine in it...

CHill 27
"CHill 27"
we still want you to relax and calm down in a truehouse way, that's why we never stop collecting the finest in chillout- and lounge-music for you. we know it took a while but we promise, it was worth waiting. once again the perfect soundtrack to chillax... get the playlist
"CHill 26"
what is better then a hot sunny summer ? a hot sunny summer with the latest CHill mixshow in you player. just grab this one and enjoy our fav season of the year with the best chillout + lounge trax we have handpicked for you. of course, it's still magic... get the playlist

guest DJ - mixes
Lost In Space August 22 edition
Every first sunday evening of the month, Domenico Carluccio presents his "Lost in Space" - Series here on the truehouse radio stream live for about 3 hours. if you missed him broadcasting , you can listen or download his journey thru lots of genres of house-music, like always perfectly mixed and blended by the master himself.
La Musica Desnuda
we want to reload a historic or even iconic guestmix from the past, Timothy Heinz mixed his personal favourites of the famous Naked Music Records Label into one masterpiece that has been played on our truehouse radio stream for more than a decade, so this is your chance to download it again and keep it forever...

all mixshows are for promotional use only. not for sale. all tracks are copyright protected by the respective owners.
playing the mix as a public perfomance is forbidden and punishable by law

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